Get Closer with
the Furget Boundaries

Why? Because personal space
is overated anyway

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“So Anyway, as I Was Saying...”

Wiping drool off your face that wasn’t yours? Using your cheek as a pillow? Tugging at your toilet paper in your bathroom break? We wouldn’t let our mom, siblings, or even our besties regularly invade our personal bubble, so why do we let our fur babies?

Because - I mean just look at that face!

The only problem? Those pesky parasites that threaten to cancel our closeness. This is why we recommend the right protection for the pet - and love - that knows no bounds.

Protect our closeness

Ready for the Challenge?

You know better than anyone what a pet without boundaries looks like. We challenge you to show us! Enter our Pet Invaders social media challenge and give us a glimpse of what real love looks like.

Let's go!

Ready! Pet! Play!

They are coming, and you best be ready when they do! Get yourself signed up and we’ll get you geared up to battle it out on the Frontline. And who knows? You may just walk away with a reward or two.

Game is no longer available.

Ts & Cs apply

Protect your personal space

Our products are available from a wide variety of reputable specialist retailers including pet shops, vet shops and online retailers, as well as most veterinary practices.

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